4 November 2019 – Dronelist

Our Dronelist profile has been updated. Dronelist is an independent listing of CAA Approved operators showing contact information for aerial services providers across the UK.

1 November 2019 – Arbigland from above

The latest of our images to grace the pages of the press – this time the Scottish Farmer.

 19 October 2019 – Approved Drone Pilots

Our listing with Approved Drone Pilots has been updated. This site has a very useful system for checking those offering aerial / drone services are legal and their CAA permissions are current. Should be the first port of call for any prospective customer.

27 September 2019 – Bringing in the Beeswing beans

Our pictures are often used in the press, this time Scottish Farmer

3 July 2019 – BASIS Practitioner Renewal

Another year of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) has allowed us to renew our BASIS membership for the 2019 to 2020 season.

17 June 2019 – CAA PFCO Renewal

Major changes in the law relating to drones introduced over the last year with more to follow in the autumn, has required a re-write of our Operations Manual in order to comply and have our permit issued for another year.

The effort was worthwhile and our PFCO for 2019-2020 arrived this morning.

9 Feb 2019 – Scottish Fire & Rescue Service Community Asset Register

After completing command & control training and, having met stringent requirements re insurance, qualifications, equipment, CAA PFCO approval etc., we are now approved by the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service to be called out to incidents if required.

Nice to put something back into the community – but hope we’re never needed!

27 August 2018 – CAP 1687 Changes to UAS Mass

As a result of the changes in CAP1687 we can now offer aircraft with a mass of up to 20kg (previously limited to 7kg). The increase means suitable aircraft can carry a larger payload e.g. cameras, gimbles, sensors etc.

13 June 2018 – Early renewal of PFCO

An early renewal of our PFCO allowing AML AIR to operate under new specified conditions to accommodate customer requirements has been undertaken. Carried out using the new online CAA procedure which is more efficient and allows for a speedier renewal pross. Previously 6 working weeks, now renewed in only 2 working weeks!

2 April 2018 – IACDO – the Independent Association of Commercial Drone Operators 

AML Air are pleased to have joined IACDO, an organisation to represent genuinely independent UAS operators based in the UK. This fledgling trade organisation seeks to progress intelligent legislation, training and registration of operators and equipment.


8 August 2017 – Night Flying Permission

Following amendments made to our procedures and Operations Manual, our CAA Permissions now permit commercial night flying providing certain stringent criteria are met.

4 August 2017 – AML Air now BASIS Registered Practitioners

Demonstrating commitment to the industry through continuous professional development, AML Air have recently achieved BASIS Professional Registration as a practitioner UAS operator for agricultural sector.

4 May 2017 – ProQual Award

After months of study and written submissions Senior pilot Andy Anderson has been one of the first in the UK to gain a Level 4 Diploma in RPAS Commercial Operations.