Part of AML Technology, a family business based in Dumfries founded in 1996, AML AIR serve a range of clients extending from Caithness to North Yorkshire with staff and equipment regularly operating across Dumfries & Galloway, South Lanarkshire and Cumbria.

Already involved with precision farming software and hardware for many years, as well as having strong links with agricultural contractors, farmers, machinery suppliers and maintainers, the move to operating UAV (drone) equipment to acquire more accurate photographic and video imagery as well as NDVI and GPS mapping data for customers was a natural progression.

AML AIR also provide photo and video images for real-estate, surveyors, advertising, news and media etc. as well as an aerial survey & inspection service in normal view, IR (Infra Red Thermal Imagery) and MSX (combining visible and thermal views). Raw data can be provided to customers or edited / manipulated to customer requirements.

As well as our own staff we have access to a number of sub-contractors across Scotland and the North of England, all with the correct CAA approvals and insurance etc.

Some of our recent Work

High quality images on the ground and in the air!